My secret tactic for getting massive views 

I have had a hunch for some time that TikTok ‘reply videos’ are treated extremely well by TikTok in its algorithm. And nothing has happened to change my mind in that regard.

In fact, my opinion has been strengthened by my increased us of ‘reply videos’ on TikTok in the last couple of weeks.

The views and engagement on those videos are off the charts, quite frankly. And would encourage you to continue with the tactic.

The reason they are so powerful, I surmise, is these types of content are unique to TikTok and TikTok know that such a video must be firsts shared on TikTok. It can be shared later on on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube shorts but will be easily as TikTok content and will not perform as well on those platforms.

They must be cheapest, easiest way for me to get views now on any platform. A good YouTube short, for example, will easily get me 1,000 views.

But a TikTok reply video will get 10,000 views nearly every time. These types of video are a little ‘secret sauce’ in my online marketing strategy.

To read about my online marketing strategy generally my book available on Amazon sets out that strategy.

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