My geographical spread of conveyances-how has this happened?

I have managed to achieve a wide geographical spread of conveyances in the last while. I have been entrusted with instructions in property transactions in Cork, Kerry, Dublin, Mayo, along with more local property sales and purchases in Meath, Kildare, Westmeath, Offaly.

All of these more remote, far-flung properties come from my YouTube channel. Starting that YouTube channel has been one of the best, most effective decisions I have made in terms of growing my solicitor’s practice.

Not only am I gaining geographically remote business but the quality of client is top notch for most of them are cash purchasers.

And I have found it easy and enjoyable to make the videos, publish them, and build community. Making regular videos has remained a staple in my marketing arsenal for over ten years now, and I fully intend to keep at it and build out the library even more extensively.

It is a no brainer from a business perspective.

As for my basic digital marketing strategy, it is set out in this book.

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