My Content Marketing and Brand Building Strategy for 2020

It all starts with an idea or an observation.

The observation could be a change in the law, a decided case in the WRC or civil courts, a social change, something I learned over the last 30 odd years in business, or an idea from a book I’m reading or listening to.

Then I write a blog post and publish it on whichever of my websites (,, etc.) is most appropriate; then I make a video about it and upload the video and publish it on YouTube.

Then I upload the same video to LinkedIn and Facebook.

Then I take a 1-minute section of the video and upload it to Instagram and Twitter.

This ‘system’, which has evolved over time, is my content marketing strategy designed to build my personal and professional brand, build trust and authority, generate leads and clients, and grow my business.

This is the nuts and bolts of my strategy. Everything else-for example advertising on Facebook and YouTube-flows from this and the content drives the advertising campaigns in a way that is more subtle than simply, ‘buy my stuff’, ‘pick me’.

The content needs to show who I am, what I stand for, I can be trusted, I know what I am doing.

It works tremendously well but does take a bit of work.

That’s fine; if you want to build a brand and a business you will need to do the work.

I’ll do the work.

The same strategy

P.S. This is my content marketing strategy for 2020.

But it is precisely the same strategy I have used for nearly 10 years, which I have set out in this book I wrote, The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online: How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part Digital Marketing Strategy. The only tweaking required would be to recognise the growth or decline of the various social media sites which is inevitable over time. For example, when I started with this strategy there was no Instagram.


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