Making videos for fun

I have spent a lot of time over the holidays learning more about making videos, videography, timelapses, drone videos, editing, and related things.

I may never put what I have learned into practice, or at least into commercial practice.

But I enjoy learning new things, new skills and I enjoy making videos.

The fact that I have a YouTube channel with nearly 20,000 subscribers ensures I have an audience (for now) for any video I choose to upload.

That audience will not always be there, however, if I abuse the trust of the individual subscriber. I am in no doubt that the vast majority of those subscribers are there for the law and business and useful information.

That’s fine, that is the deal and promise I have made.

Meanwhile, I may, from time to time, throw in the occasional video which is a departure from the usual fare served up.

Lately, for example, I have published a few more “vlog” type videos and these have been well received.

But I know that I need to continue to serve the meat: genuine, bona fide legal or business information that will serve the viewer and be of utility.