Changing the theme on my 2 biggest WordPress sites

There are a few days remaining in my annual leave and I still have a few little tasks I need to tackle.

The most important one is to change the theme on my two biggest, most trafficked websites, and

Both websites are of crucial importance in my business and generate an enormous number of queries and clients.

But they also help me position myself as an expert in my area of activity and allow me to build trust and authority with individuals who need legal problems solved or questions answered.

Both sites have been on the go for a long time and have been fundamental to the growth of my business from 2011.

Therefore, it is not a task I take likely, and I need some time and space to ensure that any little problems that might arise are dealt with quickly and sorted.

Why change? The existing sites use themes that link out to privately owned theme developers. I want to have my sites as neutral as possible from the perspective of outgoing links.

There is also the question of speed. I think the latest theme is likely to be the fastest and blot free available so will be going with that.