The best way to learn stuff? Persevere

I wrote yesterday about my intention to change the WordPress themes on my two biggest, most important websites.

It was a job I had put off for a year or more as I felt it might be a task that could get tricky and would need time and space to deal with problems that came up. But I decided I would tackle it this Christmas break as I would have the necessary time on my hands.

I started yesterday morning, and it did prove challenging. So much so that I quit a few times.

But each time I quite I thought that if I did not make the change now I would never do it. So I persevered.

And I got there, eventually. I completed one site, And this morning I will do the other one,

I know that the job this morning will be straightforward, however, as I learned what I needed to learn yesterday by persevering.

And the knowledge I have gained will last with me for my lifetime.