Making better videos

I spent a good bit of time at the weekend working on a video.

It is a vlog type video covering the three days we have recently spent in the city of Istanbul. In the overall context of my business or my YouTube channel it is a video that will not move the needle.

It will attract some likes but nothing to set the world on fire and certainly nothing to increase the number of leads or new clients I generate for my solicitor’s practice.

But I spent a lot of time on the video because I needed to add a voiceover type commentary to parts of it to give the footage context.

I need not have bothered but I did because the skill of adding a voiceover to video is one that may prove useful in the future when it comes to making better videos for my YouTube channel.

And my YouTube channel is a powerful tool in the growth of my business.

Even though the particular video I worked on will not generate more business, the skill I was obliged to learn to make a better video will be incredibly useful.

Sometimes stuff that you work hard on will not have an immediate payoff.