Unexpected consequences of putting stuff into the world

I made a video about why I write with a fountain pen a few months ago and published it on my YouTube channel.

It was a slightly whimsical vide, I suppose you could say, and I did not expect much from it. But sometimes I just like to make a video or write a blog post or express an idea for the sake of the act itself.

This video generated a lot of comment and feedback and likes on YouTube and Facebook when I distributed it widely, as I do.

But recently I received a message from a woman on Facebook which I found touching and enriching.

She told me she had a child with a disability who could not use a pen. But when the mother saw my video she bought a couple of Lamy fountain pens and gave them to her daughter.

The fountain pen, not requiring downward pressure and best used by gliding across the paper, is perfect for her child.

And now she gets the greatest pleasure from watching her child make her name with her new pens, something neither of them enjoyed before.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction, too, I must admit.

It just goes to show you if you make something and put it into the world the outcomes and ripples can be incredibly unpredictable and surprising.