Making better stories 

I wrote a blog post yesterday about buying a drone.

I took it out and made the first short video: just a drone shot of around our house.

I like making videos and intend growing my YouTube channel as much as possible. But I have thought, too, about the business case for my drone purchase.

And it is this.

Stories sell. Stories get me leads and clients.

And I tell a lot of stories through my videos. Stories about the law, stories about my everyday life. All sorts of stories.

A key to the success of any video, however, is the hook. That is, the thing at the beginning of the video that will get someone to watch the start of the video. That will reel them in.

And then you must hold onto them.

But you cannot hold onto them if you do not draw them in in the first place.

That’s where the drone footage can help. It can help me make better hooks.

Not all the time, but sometimes.

Because no matter how good a story you have to tell it will be as useful as a chocolate teapot if you cannot get someone to give you a small bit of their time and attention in the first place.