A day in the life type vlog

A day in the life type vlog

I am doing a “day in the life” type vlog today.

I am interested in the whole area of vlogging and creating content out of the daily happenings in life.

Regardless of whether that is my life or somebody else’s I am fascinated by the idea of building brand, building relationships out of the mundane, ordinary, apparently banal, and every day.

I have done this type of video once or twice before but I am interested in developing my skills in story telling through video.

Trying to build in some sort of story, some tension and an outcome for example is generally recommended. But I watched a video the other day by a guy who I follow on YouTube called Jeven Dovey and he argues that there are three types of vlog content:

  1. The day in the life type, as I am doing today
  2. A video about something specific that draws the viewer in, for example a review of something such as a piece of equipment
  3. A vlog with a story baked in, which would be a standalone piece of content that may attract new viewers and subscribers

Here is the video  where he discusses these types of vlogs and how to tell a story.