Making a submission to a tribunal or court

When making a submission to a tribunal-for example the Workplace Relations Commission-or court keep the following in mind:

  1. Your opening paragraph should be a summary of your position, and you should know it by heart. Rehearse it.
  2. Then give a structure for the detail you are going to provide. This is like a map for the decision maker, telling her where you are going to go and why.
  3. As you go through your submission do not go too fast and make sure the decision maker is going along with you.
  4. Don’t assume he knows the law. Assume he doesn’t and if he does he will make it clear that he knows it.

Remember: your job is to assist the decision maker, not instruct her. You should be a trusted helper.

Your goal is to get the decision maker to make the decision in favour of your client’s position of her own accord. It should be the most logical decision.

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