Johnson’s chutzpah and Churchillian determination to keep going

Regardless of what I might think of Boris Johnson I must give him credit for chutzpah and a grim determination to bluster and bold it out and hold on grimly to power for as long as possible.

His power has gradually but inexorably ebbed away with a succession of resignations and messages from ministers in the UK government that his time is up.

He has been encouraged by the powerful 1922 committee in the Tory party to ‘do the decent thing’, by all accounts.

Previously staunch, loyal supporters through thick and thin, and there has been a lot of thin, have told him to quit.

Yet, he hangs on.

I have no idea of the story Johnson is telling himself. The easy, least disastrous way for him to exit Number 10 Downing Street is by resigning.

Yet, he hangs on.

His character may be called into question. His commitment to the truth and integrity and standards in high (or any) office is widely perceived to be non-existent.

Yet, he hangs on.

I fully expect him to go today. Nevertheless, the last couple of days cannot be easy, even for Johnson.

And still he clings to power.

Call him a liar, a cheat, an adventurer, a man without morals or principles, a snake oil salesman without an atom of principle.

But give him credit for his Churchillian determination to keep going.

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