Bringing employment claims without any logical thought about the outcomes

employment claims

I have got past the stage of being surprised about the actions of some individuals who contact me on a daily or weekly basis.

They will be looking for representation at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) and will only have a short time before the hearing date.

What surprises me, however, is that the complainant appears to have given little or no thought to the cost of professional representation. And have failed to consider what they could hope to be awarded if they are successful in their claim.

To put it plainly they have failed to think through, in any coherent, logical way, the entire purpose of bringing their claim and the potential outcomes.

It is a bit like getting into a car and flooring the accelerator and then, after days or weeks of travelling, wondering about where they are headed.

Even if I can take on a case late in the day and shortly before a hearing date the likely cost may outweigh anything the employee can hope to recover.

And still they come, day after day, looking for representation a couple of weeks before a hearing.

Crazy stuff.

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