It took me years to build this valuable asset in my business and I don’t even use it

I have an asset in my business, one I have been building for years, and I do not use it.

I am in two minds as to whether I should or not and whether I need the hassle of the little bit of extra work involved to utilise the asset or not.

It is my email list. Or more accurately, email lists.

I have several email lists with over 10,000 subscribers in total signed up to receive emails from me. Not only have these subscribers signed up, but they have also gone through a double opt in process.

This means they must confirm, having received a first welcome email from me, that they wish to hear from me. If they don’t confirm I don’t email them, and they are not added to my list.

These lists are powerful and have tremendous potential for me to grow my business and generate more leads and clients.

But I have enough going on at the moment in my business, to be frank, and I do not really need more business.

Having said that it would probably make sense to still stay in touch with these subscribers and continue to grow the asset.

It is something I have been thinking about for a few weeks, but I have not fully decided yet.

I could always send one email and see how it goes, how it feels, and if I am prepared to do it with some regularity.

Yes, I think I will do this.