Is Twitter Addiction Real?

Are you a regular user of Twitter?

I’m not, although I do use the platform to push out links to blog posts or videos I have made concerning Irish law or business. I do this on ‘autopilot’ by using a scheduling tool called ‘Buffer’.

There is plenty of such tools but this is my favourite for it is easy to use, reliable, and free for a certain number of accounts and scheduled posts per day.

From time to time, however, I have resolved to get involved in a more real, present way and ‘engage in the conversation’. But I have found that it is an inefficient use of my time which can be spent more productively and efficiently on other things such as writing blog posts or making videos.

Twitter addicts

I noticed, however, a number of people who seem to spend all of their waking hours on Twitter. And I could not figure out-still can’t-whether this is for professional reasons, personal reasons, or perhaps some type of addiction to publicly share their thoughts about, literally, anything.

I do recognise that Twitter is probably an excellent tool for journalists and the power to share real time breaking news that is happening around the world is its strength. But this is also its weakness as it allows any headbanger with access to a smart phone or pc the opportunity to publish the most hate filled, racist bile and conspiracy theories.

That’s the price to pay, it seems, but it is a high price.

But to go back to the Tweeters who appear to be ever present day and night on the platform, is it an addiction? An illness? A need for recognition? A need to be heard? A need to be read? Some sort of affirmation that they are alive?

What do you think?


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