I hung this smoke damaged painting in my office last week

I hung up this painting in my office last week.

It had been hanging in my garage at home for many years and I had not paid much attention to it. It is smoke damaged from a fire which damaged the garage and boundary trees around our property around 10 years ago.

It is a painting of the petrol station in Enfield which I bought from my dad and redeveloped in Enfield in the early 1990s.

The petrol station is still there, just up the street from my office and I pass it every day on the way in and home from work.

It is a nice reminder, as I glance up at it from my desk, of where I have come from and the journey. It brings back nice memories, too. Memories of childhood, my parents, football matches, GAA rivalry, and more.

This was the last business I sold before going into property development and experiencing wipe-out when the Celtic Tiger collapsed. But that is another story.