Have I a case?

I often come across individuals who believe they have ‘a case’ against their employer and want my agreement and encouragement.

Often, I must tell them that I do not believe they have any valid, winnable claim. And they come back again and again asking this question and that question and trying to find something to bolster their so called ‘case’.

And my view does not change, and I am sure this infuriates them even further.

But my job is to give an honest, professional opinion and that is what I do.

I advise them that, of course, they can ignore me and fire ahead with their claim, but it will cost them in legal fees and my view is it is bound to fail. But if they want to go ahead, no problem.

And they can always do the case themselves and save themselves the legal costs.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about employment law in Ireland you might find my book useful: Employment law in Ireland.