You’ll eat this, we know best

I was at an expensive restaurant in the last few days and was greatly looking forward to it.

However, I was disappointed. Not so much by the food but the menu which I viewed as extremely limited.

As if they knew best as to what I should be eating.

The main course comprised four choices:

  • a vegetarian dish
  • a beef dish for 2 people
  • duck
  • halibut

If you fancy a bit of meat or fish, and don’t want to impose your choice on another person you were left with a choice between the duck and halibut.

I went for the halibut and it was lovely.

But I think you should have a wider choice than this in a restaurant which clearly had certain ideas and pretensions, and a good reputation, especially given the prices being charged.

I won’t name the restaurant but this attitude of giving the diner such a narrow range of dishes certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth. One which smacked of “you’ll eat what we give you”.

Never again.