I got a replacement drone

I had my replacement drone out at the weekend and enjoyed flying it again.

I had lost the first drone I bought-a DJI Mini2-in the River Boyne on the 1st January.

I only had the first one for about a week and greatly enjoyed flying it and the video it could shoot for me. Extremely high-quality video and photos and from perspectives that I never would have imagined prior to getting the drone.

It is striking how quickly your flying skills improve when you go out and spend the time flying it.

I have noticed, too, a certain surprising interest and fascination among certain individuals who I never would have thought would have passed any heed on it. 

These individuals, so far anyway, are men-mature men-and someone made a comment on my Twitter feed about “boys and their toys”. Perhaps that’s it.

Maybe there is a good deal of truth in this throwaway comment. 

Anyway, it is good, clean, harmless fun and will add an extra dimension to my video making which has been a strong driver of the growth of my solicitor’s practice.