Exploiting the tendency to binge watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and others

I came across a video the other day on YouTube.

It was from a channel that has over 1 million subscribers and know what they are talking about.

The video was about making extra-long videos for YouTube and exploiting the tendency for people nowadays to binge watch tv programmes, series etc.

What a guy like me would to would be to take my existing videos on a particular topic-for example buying a house in Ireland-and edit them into one long video that could be at least 1 hour long. In my case I have so many videos on the topic that I would expect my extra-long, “pillar content” type video could go to two hours.

I would need to edit the whole thing into a cohesive whole, but this could be easily done by doing a little introduction to each section of the video which would contain one of my previously published videos on one aspect of the buying property process.

I would also do an introduction.

I think this could work for YouTube is likely to rank such a video highly in the search results, given its length and ability to hold the viewer for a long time.

I would also be catering for the person who wishes to sit down and consume as much as they can in one sitting, for example at the weekend when they have more time to commit to learning what’s involved in buying property in Ireland.

It is definitely a strategy I will be trying on my YouTube channel.