I cycled to Kilcock yesterday

When I was running, I was pretty limited in the geographical distance I could cover and the running could get pretty boring as a result as it was the same route every day.

I cycled to Kilcock yesterday on my new bike.

When I got home my Strava app told me it was a round trip of 30 miles.

I think this is the furthest I have ever cycled and being able to travel fairly long distances on the bicycle opens up a whole range of options for cycling in the future.

Cycling gives more options, even during the week, to vary the routes. And then at the weekend I can be more ambitious and spend more time on the trip if I want and travel further afield.

I was not unduly knackered or distressed when I got home yesterday so I will be able to travel further in the future if I choose. Although I do want to ensure I enjoy my cycles and not turn them into some sort of endurance test or battle with myself to go longer and longer.

I want to avoid this.