The hatred and bitterness of the comments on my Enoch Burke jailing video

The hatred and bitterness in some of the comments on my latest video about the jailing of Enoch Burke is something to behold. These comments can be read on my Facebook page and my YouTube channel.

The vast majority of these comments are by followers/supporters of Burke. The bitterness is only matched by an inability to form rational thoughts and conclusions about the whole Enoch Burke affair.

The most reprehensible comments, however, must be those which blame the child whose request in Wilson’s Hospital School prompted Burke’s protest for the jailing of Burke.

It is a truly sick or intellectually challenged mind that would blame the child in this scenario for the jailing of a well-educated, supposedly intelligent adult teacher who was given three opportunities by the High Court judge last Friday to undertake to stay away from the school.

Three times the Judge asked Burke. Three times Burke refused to answer.