Getting 1-star reviews

All the great books and films have a plethora of 1-star reviews. And that’s a good thing.

Because if you make or do something for everyone, for the general populace, you may avoid 1-star reviews, but you will make something average, something mediocre. Something designed to avoid 1-star reviews and land somewhere in the middle at 3 stars.

It you make something precise and specific, on the other hand, something that is not for everyone, but which will delight those at whom it is aimed, you are going to get 5-star reviews.

And 1-star reviews.

The biggest mistake in getting a 1-star review is to change what you do, what you make and make it more palatable to everyone. This is the road to average.

The world is full of average. Get 1-star reviews.

Do what you do and cater for a specific audience who you will delight and enthral.