The Akimbo podcast by Seth Godin

In the time between audiobooks, and when I have no Audible book credit, I listen to podcasts.

One podcast that I have never removed from my phone and to which I always return is the Akimbo podcast by Seth Godin.

I am binge listening at the moment as I have no audiobook credit. And I am thoroughly enjoying Godin’s spin on changing the culture, doing work that matters, working for the long term, etc.

If you are a small business owner or solopreneur or freelancer, you are bound to take a lot of valuable stuff from Godin’s podcast. You may even find yourself thinking about things in a slightly different way, and even changing your mind about some things.

The great thing about Godin is his thinking and views are well worth serious consideration. And he is a great communicator.

Great communicators are as rare as hen’s teeth, particularly in the podcast space.

The Akimbo podcast is worth a listen.