Fighting the narrowing attention span

At this time of the year I am always thinking about the coming year, with an eye to where I am now and where I have come from.

One thing I want to avoid is going down what I believe is a fatal path of a shrinking attention span. I know I can easily build a massive fan/follower/social media base by churning out short videos for TikTok and Instagram Reels. And I fully intend doing so.

But I do not want to build my marketing on bite sized chunks alone for what may be a transient audience. I want to ensure I continue publishing valuable, substantial content such as YouTube videos, Podcast episodes and blog posts for my various websites.

The easy thing would be just to play to the audience on sites like Instagram and TikTok with short videos, some as short as 15 seconds.

But I firmly believe I need to continue, as I have done for over 10 years, with long form, quality content.

It is tempting to take the short term, easy road. But the smart thing is to fight the temptation to make content that caters only for a short attention span.

That is my New Year’s business resolution. Again.

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