Fighting the fog with a sword

I do not engage with, or respond to, what I believe to be irrational, absurd, conspiracy theory fuelled comments on my YouTube channel, or elsewhere.

The type of comments I am referring to are those on videos I have made about the Covid 19 pandemic, the vaccination programme, Dolores Cahill, and Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters’ legal challenges in the courts to covid 19 laws and regulations introduced by the State.

You know the type of absurd, batshit, crazy, false, invented, paranoid comments that you can easily find online wherever conspiracy theorists, grievance embracers, and the violently embittered have access to a social media platform.

There is simply no point wasting my time responding to such comments or individuals. Life is too short and it would undoubtedly amount to monumental frustration which could only put me in bad humour for the rest of the day.

I prefer to live my life with a positive attitude and outlook.

I choose to make decisions and form opinions on informed analysis, professional and expert opinion, data, research, evidence, facts.

I am satisfied, in the absence of contrary evidence, that certain facts are so notorious and widely accepted that I will not challenge them. Things like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, Tuesday coming after Monday, 365 days in a year. That type of thing.

For all these reasons I am not prepared to attempt to fight the fog with a sword.

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