Facebook is still tremendously relevant for small businesses

The engagement on Facebook, if you are posting the right stuff as a small business owner, is remarkable. It is still a powerhouse if you want to build an audience for your business.

There is no comparison with Twitter, for example, which is a complete waste of time for most businesses.

Yet certain digital and online marketing purported thought leaders will have you wasting your time on Twitter, sending out tweets/posts that have a lifespan of a couple of hours at best.

I have virtually abandoned Twitter simply relying on sending out one tweet per day, and this is scheduled at the weekend in a matter of minutes when I schedule a week’s worth of posts.

But I know that my real engagement success is on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

If you are interested in the strategy I have used for over ten years now to build my business online it is set out in my book which you can check out on Amazon.