Trump’s obvious contempt for the legal system should cause genuine fear

Donald Trump’s obvious contempt for the Judge, court and entire legal system is on open display in his New York civil fraud case.

And if you are not sure or fail to see it you will see him coming out at intervals and telling the waiting journalists that the prosecution should never have been brought and the “whole thing is a scam”.

This should be a frightening wake up call for Americans. Because this attempt to discredit the justice system and the rule of law and his reported preparations for revenge if he is elected US president again in 2024 is truly frightening.

Trump’s actions and words to date demonstrate that he has no regard for democracy or the rule of law. The only thing he is concerned about is Trump.

Regrettably, he has sufficient numbers of thick, red neck followers who have never left their home state, never mind their country, to put real fear in the hearts of democrats and those of us who recognise the value of the rule of law in society.