Facebook beats Instagram like a rented mule

Over the last few months, I have discovered, and written about, how powerful and influential Facebook remains for anyone trying to promote their business or brand.

Facebook is significantly underrated and overlooked because it is not new or recent or perceived as hot.

But the fact of the matter is Facebook is still one of the best social media platforms to promote your brand or business.

There is one simple reason for this: the plain people of Ireland are on the platform.

Over the last two weeks I have carried out an experiment. I have shared 10 photographs on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

The posts and images are identical. But the insights on how much reach and engagement are surprising.

Facebook beats Instagram like a rented mule on all metrics. And remember we are talking about a post of only images which is supposed to be Instagram’s raison d’etre.

Don’t drink the perceived wisdom Kool-Aid when it comes to marketing your brand or business. Fish where the fish are and make up your own mind as to what is right for your business and the best platforms.

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