Email or podcast?

I am constantly mulling over and thinking about the areas of marketing in which I should concentrate my time and attention.

I am trying to develop my podcast, the Irish law and small business podcast, and intend giving it more serious attention in the future.

But I have neglected my email marketing and feel bad about that because I spent a great deal of time over the years and have over 10,000 subscribers. All these people double opted in to hear from me and the open rates are significantly higher than the average for open rates in email marketing.

One thing I could consider is writing 1 email each week rather than a daily blog post. Maybe I should publish 1 blog post per week and distribute it to my email list.

But if I’m publishing a blog post every day and 2 videos a week on my YouTube channel it should not be difficult to send an email with links to this varied output.

Time to think again.