DJ Carey’s Joe Di Maggio moment

I felt a sense of sadness seeing DJ Carey in Blanchardstown District Court yesterday, charged with a number of fraud and deception charges.

I am fully aware of the allegations against him and the serious nature of the offences. I am aware that these crimes are not victimless crimes.

I am fully aware of all the rumours swirling around. I have seen the WhatsApp messages.

But I am still saddened.

This guy transcended the game of hurling.

He had everything, including a plethora of All-Ireland medals and All Star awards. And what appeared to be a gilded lifestyle of golf, golf resort properties, admiration, love of the hurling public.

He was a genuine icon of the much loved game of hurling.

Now, he is a sorry sight with the Judge in the District Court noting that Carey had no income whatsoever.

Carey deserves to feel the full rigours of the law in answering these allegations. And if they are proved he will need to suffer the consequences.

But I still feel a great sense of sadness and am reminded of the great Joe Di Maggio.

“Say it ain’t so, Joe”.