Daily writing and my email lists-how to integrate

I still have not figured out the best way to integrate my desire to write every day with my overall marketing and brand building goals.

One of the difficulties is the contradiction between writing every day on this blog, which I have done for well over a year now, and my failure to write to my email subscribers. My email subscriber count at this stage exceeds 10,000 yet I fail to write to them save for the preprogramed, set up messages which are delivered on autopilot.

I spent so much time and effort over the years in building my email list and now I do not use it to any significant extent.

I will have to address this and the smartest, most efficient way would be to tap into my writing a blog post on this blog every day.

Some blogs would be suitable for distribution to my email list, some would not. But I only need one message per week to feed my emailers. I will have to start doing that this weekend, I think.