Burkes barred from High Court review hearing of Enoch Burke case

Certain members of the Burke family-Sean, Martina, Isaac, and Ammi-are not permitted to attend a review hearing next week in the High Court of Enoch Burke’s continued imprisonment for contempt of court.

The four individuals concerned were given the opportunity to give undertakings as to how they would behave but they were not prepared to give undertakings to the High Court.

Maybe this type of thing has happened before. Perhaps the High Court felt obliged in the past to make such an order in a civil case essentially stemming from an employment law dispute.

But I cannot remember one.

Some people are of the opinion that their behaviour in court in the past, which has led to Mr Justice Mark Sanfey making this order, would have warranted imprisonment for contempt of court. 

Some believe that if they came from a different part of the country-for example Finglas, Ballymun, Darndale, Clondalkin-and dressed differently they would have been treated much differently, and with less tolerance and patience.

Regardless, we are where we are and the High Court seem to have run out of patience when it comes to conducting hearings and are making this decision to give Enoch Burke’s hearing the time, attention, and gravitas expected. 

Here’s hoping.