Fake posturing about contract law and RTE deals

The fake posturing about confidentiality clauses in RTE exit packages over the last few days has been nauseating.

We all know, including politicians, what a contract is. We are aware that terms and conditions make up contracts and mean something.

At its most basic, a deal is a deal.

Some of us will have experience with property contracts, some with letting agreements, some of us will be familiar with consumer contracts or employment contracts.

But we all know that if a party to a contract breaches a term of the contract it is likely to be pursued by the other party to the contract, and lead to damages and legal costs.

So what is all the mystery about the confidentiality clauses in the RTE exit agreements?

Why the need for a second opinion from the external legal advisors who simply reiterated their advice that a contract is a contract, a deal is a deal.

Why all the bogus posturing and shape throwing then?

Anyway, if you want to brush up on your contract law this blog post of mine might be useful: contract law in Ireland-the essentials.