Audiobooks-what I am listening to now

I have just finished “The Comedians” by Graham Greene.

I am a big fan of Graham Greene’s writing, and his books. I have read or listened to almost all his work at this stage, although there are one or two left which I hope to get around to over the Christmas period.

There are many recurring themes through all his books, especially to do with religion in general and the Catholic faith in particular. His style of writing is terse and slightly cynical and peppered with philosophical thoughts.

They are geographically diverse with “The Comedians” set in Port au Prince in Haiti, “The Quiet American” in Saigon, “The Power and the Glory” in South America, “Our Man in Havana” in Cuba.

His books are accessible, easy to read, tremendously popular and interweave political and religious themes with political movements and happenings.

I have just downloaded “Ulysses” from Audible and was delighted to see that it was free as part of my Audible membership. I have always threatened to tackle “Ulysses” but always seemed to find something else to read.

However, the audiobook may be a smart way to my first attempt to access the world of Joyce, Buck Mulligan, Stephen Dedalus and Dublin.