Words Really Do Matter (Why I Hate the Absurd Overuse of This Word)

I don’t know when exactly this particular word entered into usage in the way that it has but like all these trends  it came from the United States. And it drives me bananas.

Pass the sick bucket, please.

The word I refer to is “super”.

The use of the word “super” in describing something as “super good” or  “super easy” is an affront to the English language. And I love the English language, and its words.

I strongly believe that words matter and if something is “super good” why not say “great”?

Or if something is “super easy” why not say “simple” or “facile”?

There’s a guy on YouTube whose videos I watch but his frequent use of “super amped” to describe his feeling of excitement concerning making his video or telling his story cracks me up.

And “super sick” or “super dope” is a step too far when it comes to accepting that language and words have always evolved and changed.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned, clinging to the past and an accepted, fixed meaning for words.

And unfortunately I have noticed the irrational, absurd, inaccurate use of this word beginning to creep into everyday use in Ireland.

I am just hoping it will blow over sooner rather than later.

But I will be happy to wait in the hope that I will hear people using otherĀ  suitable words from the English dictionary.

Because there’s lots of them, and better, more accurate words.

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  1. I totally agree, I really take issue with this “cool” and, to my mind, incorrect use of the word “super”

    i.e. “I can’t stop, I’m super busy today.” or “I’m going on holiday tomorrow, I’m super excited!”
    Whenever I hear it I feel like saying, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Veryman!”

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