Wilson’s Hospital School back in the High Court over Enoch Burke’s continued presence in school

When I learned last week that Enoch Burke has begun showing up in Wilson’s Hospital School with the commencement of the new school year I predicted that the school could not let the situation continue without action.

Wilson’s Hospital School were back in the High Court yesterday looking for permission to serve Mr Burke with notice of their application to have him brought back before the High Court on account of his breach of the previous High Court injunction.

The High Court will deal with the matter this Friday.

As I see it there are only two weapons open to the High Court when it considers what it can do regarding the flagrant breach of the existing High Court order to stay away from the school. The two options are

  1. Monetary penalties
  2. Jail

As the monetary penalties imposed to date have had no effect and will have no effect unless debt collection procedures are pursued, the only remaining option open to the High Court is to return Burke to jail.

I cannot see another option open to the High Court.

Perhaps the Judge will find a way and see a third way.

Let’s wait and see what happens on Friday.