Will a new Garda approach to the far right endure beyond Christmas shopping season?

The riots last week in Dublin arising from the stabbing incident in a primary school seems to have established a limit or watershed of tolerance for the insidious hate of the far right who have been emboldened in the last 12 months by inaction against their hate speech and actions.

We have all seen the absurd protests, if you could call them that, in various libraries around the country in some type of purported attempt to oppose certain books being made available to children.

We have seen the free hand that these individuals have been given for fear of an action which might give them some type of propaganda victory. But the softly, softly hands off approach blew up in the face of the ill prepared Gardai last week.

Hopefully we will now see Gardai actually policing and applying the laws of the land without fear or favour. And that a new approach will last beyond the Christmas shopping season.