Why I’m retiring my scuffed, battered briefcase

I will be retiring my tired, scuffed leather briefcase shortly.

When I started my business as a sole practitioner solicitor in 2011, I was focusing on criminal law.

My focus was on trying to pick up business in the District Court, but I believed that the fact that I was only newly qualified would operate against me and I would not be given a chance by some of the experienced repeat offenders on whom I was to rely for fee income.

So I bought this second hand bag on eBay for £5 or £10 with the idea that such an experienced, battered bag must belong to a lawyer who was in the game for a long time. An experienced solicitor.

And given that I was a mature student and late entrant to the legal profession meant I had no problem selling the experience story on a personal level.

Having the bag as a prop worked. This guy was no “newbie” was the message.

I have even had adjudicators in the WRC and strangers on the street making comments about the bag and that it must have seen a lot of action, had stories to tell etc.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth was I was using a symbol to tell a story. Because at that time that was the story I needed to tell.

Now I might retire it as it served its purpose and done its job.

It has earned a rest.