Why I am going to start using B-roll in my videos in 2023

I have been looking into the use of B-roll in the creation of videos in the last few weeks.

Because I intend incorporating B-roll in my videos in 2023.

B-roll has a number of advantages for the type of video I make, which could be described as “talking head” videos.

B-roll will allow me to use more scripts, or blog posts which I have created, without worrying about trying to remember the script or use an autocue.

The use of B-roll will also reduce danger of boring videos which appear similar or identical if it is simply me delivering the material straight to camera.

B-roll will allow me to introduce a bit more interest and variety into my videos, while still delivering useful material on whatever topic I am covering.

They will also allow me use footage I will have shot with my drone and Go Pro cameras.

It should be a win-win for both me and the viewer with better quality videos.

And help grow my YouTube channel, generate more leads and clients. What’s not to like?

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