Why don’t the protestors talk plain for once?

It’s stomach churning when protestors or supporters are interviewed by the much despised, so-called mainstream media-for example RTE news reporters.

The talking out both sides of the mouth and with forked tongues would be laughable if not so serious.

It would be tremendously refreshing for a person to say, “we don’t want strangers around here, especially brown or black ones, we are happy enough with our community as it is”. (“However, if the strangers are bringing investment or jobs or opening factories we won’t be too concerned about the inadequacy of resources around here”).

Instead, you have the serious faces sombrely speaking into the RTE camera and expressing concern about resources and facilities and the abject conditions in which the traitorous State is going to shoehorn the ‘foreigners’.

As for the Enoch Burke supporters online?

Check out the comments of these supporters online and they might as well come right out and speak plainly: “we don’t like homosexuals or trans persons, and never will, because God yada yada yada”.

Instead, the support for Burke is couched in duplicitous arguments about the corrupt State, corrupt judiciary, free speech, Constitutional rights etc.

For once I would like a person to come right out and talk plain.