Why a gratitude journal is a good tool

There is only a couple of individuals from whom I welcome emails outside my area of work and business.

One of these guys is in the North of England and is a small business, solo entrepreneur email marketing specialist. The other guy is a man of Irish extraction who is teaching in a business school in a University in Spain.

I get useful, thought-provoking emails from both of them more often than not, so I stay subscribed.

I received one yesterday, or the last few days, about having a gratitude journal.

And for the first time I could see the point. It relates to a view of which I am the strongest proponent: you get to choose your attitude and it will be the single greatest factor in how life goes for you and how successful you are.

Attitude is everything, in other words.

And a gratitude journal can be a useful tool in helping you have a good, positive attitude. It is a little bit like hard wiring your brain to see and recognise the good and positive in your life.

And anything that can help do that, and help you develop a good attitude, can only be a good, useful thing.