Trump’s arrest and arraignment-the image lingers

Former President of the United States Donald Trump was arrested yesterday and arraigned in respect of thirty odd criminal offences.

The criminal charges include misuse of company funds or failing to maintain proper books of account or charges of that nature regarding his companies, and paying hush money to two women with whom he is alleged to have had affairs.

Trump milked the occasion as much as he could for the publicity value, his supporters claimed prosecuting him was a mistake and a win for Trump, and others debated vigorously whether it was wise to prosecute him with these charges.

But the image of Trump sitting in court between or beside his defence lawyer is an image that will stick in the minds of many people. He looked just like other persons charged with a criminal offense in the United States.

Despite his claims, this image may play on the minds of wavering voters in the next couple of years leading up to the Presidential election in 2024.

Trump and his supporters can claim a big win.

But that image sticks in the mind.