What I am reading at the moment

I am reading ‘Resurrection’ by Leo Tolstoy and listening to ‘The Power and the Glory’ by Graham Greene at the moment.

‘Resurrection’ is Tolstoy’s last long novel and is supposed to be a panoramic look at Russia at the end of the 19th century.

The book’s main character is a well to do, wealthy Prince who is called to serve on a jury at a criminal trial of a young woman who is now working as a prostitute, having fallen on tough times, accused of poisoning a wealthy, old acquaintance.

The Prince immediately recognises her as a girl with whom he was in a relationship when the girl worked as a servant for his aunts. He disappointed her and abandoned her to enter the army.

He decided he was the reason she was in court facing serious charges, of which she was convicted, as her life would never have spiralled downwards had he not failed her.

He is now intent on making retribution for his wrong by marrying her and following her to Siberia where she will serve her sentence of hard labour.  

I am listening to ‘The Power and the Glory’ by Graham Greene, having recently listened to ‘The Quiet American’, and I am a big fan of Greene’s writing style which is economic and spare.

I am too early in this book to make any reasonable comment save for the writing being of the highest order and this book being considered Greene’s finest literary accomplishment.