What did the spreaders of hate do before the mobile phone and social media?

It is difficult to spend any time on Twitter without coming across spreaders of hate.

These hate filled, racist, charlatans are almost always using the power of video on their mobile phone to make talking head videos spreading their toxic view of the state of our society.

Or they are poncing about and posturing with a loudspeaker at some grim, tedious so called ‘protest’.

We have all seen them. Even if you are not on Twitter, you will encounter them elsewhere such as Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.

What did these knuckle draggers do before the mobile phone, before social media?

Were they quietly protesting by writing letters to newspapers and forming groups to protest to spread their hate?

Or were they sitting at home seething with hatred, consuming toxic publications and media wherever they could, and waiting for something like the mobile phone and social media to come along?

Just wondering.