War and Peace-the main characters

I am reading “War and Peace” by Tolstoy at the moment. It is my second time around and I want to derive the most enjoyment as the first time I read it was a bit of an endurance test.

As an aide-memoire to myself I want to set out the main characters here so I have an easy reference page as I slowly make my way through the book. I may add to this list later but for now this list will suffice.

County Nikolai Rostov is a nobleman. Denisov is his friend.

Count Cyril Bezukhov is also a nobleman, who passes away early in the story. Pierre is his heir and illegitimate son.

Prince Nikolas Bolkonski is a retired army general. Prince Andrew Bolkonski is his son; Princess Mary is is daughter and Lise is Prince Andrew’s wife.

Prince Vasili Kuragin is a nobleman. He has two sons: Hippolyte and Anatole.

Princess Anna Drubetskaya is an impoverished noblewoman. Prince Boris Drubetskoy is her son and Julie Kuragina is Boris’s wife.

Alexander is the Tsar of Russia.

Kutuzov is the commander in chief of the Russian army.

Princess Helene Kuragina is Pierre Bezukhov’s wife and daughter of Prince Vasili Kuragin.

Lavruska is Denisov’s batman.

This list of characters should give me a good framework and reference point as I progress through the novel.

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