Undue influence and wills

One thing I always must be acutely aware of is an elderly person making a will under the influence of another.

Alarm bells will go off in my head when I see certain things from the arranging of the appointment to the consultation/meeting with the person wanting to put their affairs in order.

It is not difficult for an elderly person to be led or nudged in a particular direction. Especially when they are dependent on another for their day to day needs.

And on a human level it is incumbent on me to ascertain, in any way I can, if they know exactly what they are doing and the consequences.

Some of these meetings can lead to an awkward situation when I am asking the ‘helper’ to step outside for a while and give me some time alone with the testator.

But it must be done, even though it can sometimes cause offence or feathers to be ruffled.

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