Trying different things and finding winners

I’m never really surprised when I discover, purely accidentally, that something works and is popular with readers of my blogs or viewers of my videos.

That’s because I try so many different things, and experiment with formats.

Recently I have begun to make some videos down the canal bank in Enfield or at the railway station. These videos are, by definition, relaxed and less formal than you might expect from a solicitor, or any talking head type video.

What started me off with trying a few of those videos was the stunning scenery down the canal bank in Enfield and my purchase of a new camera, an Osmo Pocket, which is ideal for vlogging and ‘walk and talk’ type videos.

The feedback has been extremely positive with more than one person commenting on the ‘relaxed’ videos.

The more things you try, the more things you will discover which works and doesn’t work.

But that is the beauty of trying things and experimenting with content creation.