The Vital Importance of Signals in Your Business

Imagine you have had the proud pleasure of attending a child’s graduation from university.

And imagine you book a table for 10 at a local restaurant, and look forward to the food, drink, company, and  company of your family in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. 

Imagine, though, that the restaurant staff send out the wrong signals. 

Yes, they ask the right questions: “is everything alright?”, “do you need anything else?” but you know they are just going through the motions.

They give off a passive/aggressive signal and their communication is purely of the going through the motions variety. You soon realise it is a busy evening and they view you as just another booking. 

The right questions can be asked but if the signals are wrong it leaves a bad taste.

This can happen in any business. Are you satisfied it does not happen in yours?

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