The remarkably consistent embittered attitude

When I publish content on my Facebook page, YouTube channel, TikTok page, Instagram page I often receive a lot of comments about the subject matter of the video.

Most of the comments are positive and thank me for my efforts, thank me for the content, or share a comment that might be of value to others or simply share their view openly and generously.

But there is a small cohort who will whinge and complain and whine and oppose and say “what about” and blame others for their unhappiness, no matter what the subject matter of the video or issue being discussed.

Remarkably, these individuals adopt the same tone and posture every time they comment. In other words they never surprise by saying, “that’s not a bad idea” or “I agree with you there” or “I will try that” or “I tried this and it was useful”.

No, they are remarkably consistent with the bitterness with which they view the world and its issues, regardless of what issue or topic is being discussed.

It is a shocking, grim, wretched way to live a life is my strong view.

Is it impossible that such an individual cannot find, at least once, something of use or value in what is being shared?

Or are these individuals only happy when they wrap themselves in their grievances and cannot see the world in any other way than through the prism of their bitterness?